Human Resources And COVID

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How To Start Pivoting During Covid

COVID and HR. It’s Time To Change Your Perspective.

The world has changed. Your company is changing. Your daily routine is familiar, but different. Look at the way you communicate now. You no longer have a meeting. You Zoom. So it only makes sense that your approach to HR will need a major revamp too.

Pivoting. It’s The New, New Norm.

Lots of companies are faced with the same challenges. It’s how to quickly react to them that makes the difference.

Your Human Resources Information System Needs To Pivot.

This is a big Pivot. It’s probably not what you put at the top of your pivot list. But you know that it’s going to come at you. Probably starting with payroll first. It’s going to put a real strain on your company. So be sure to account for HRIS with your pivot plan. And a good way to do that is with an outsourced HR consultant. The needs will be great at first, then taper off. No need for a full time pivot manager (hopefully.) Try the consultant route first.

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