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Happiness is a well-organized, outsourced HRIS team. 800 600 peepadmin

Happiness is a well-organized, outsourced HRIS team.

Will your employees be happier and more productive with a seamless, outsourced Human Resource Information Systems? Yes.

Ask any productivity expert, and they will tell you that employees who feel like they are being heard are the happiest.

It’s A Great Way To Save Money:

So what’s happiness worth to you? Probably a lot. Happy employees are productive employees. And productivity goes right to the bottom line. Especially with an outsourced HR team. You save all the overhead that comes with an in-house HR team.

Get The Right-Sized Outsourced Team For Your Company.

It hard to know up front what you need for Human Resource staff. You can easily under-staff or over-staff. Using an outsourced team will allow you to scale up, or down, according to your company needs.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Have One-Stop Outsource Help for HRIS. Payroll Processing, Software Cleanups and More?

That hard to find. Most HR consultants focus on the “soft” side of Human Resources. It’s good to find an outsourced HRIS team, who knows both side. Saves ramp-up time. Prevents accounting and payroll mistakes. Keeps everyone happy.

Call us at (310) 728-0389. You will be very happy that you did.

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How do you update your hris and everything else? 800 600 peepadmin

How do you update your hris and everything else?

Don’t Be Afraid Of Addressing All Those HR Issues.

Change is in the air. It’s the new order of the day. What you’ve been comfortable with for years in the past is no longer what will work. Coming up with ideas about changing your business is fairly easy. The tough part is implementing those changes so that they work with your company’s infrastructure. Consider HRIS management. It touches a lot of different areas in your company. Payroll. Accounting. Resource management. Financial planning. Addressing all of those touch points is a good project for an outsourced HRIS consultant.

Be AGILE. Make A Transformation Plan For Your Human Resources Information System.

At PeepTek, we are big proponents of using the AGILE method of help you deal with change. By applying the AGILE methodology to your planning, you can provide your change management team with a way to work together. Most people feel uncomfortable with a project that is radically new. A process plan using the AGILE methodology can give them a sense of control as they explore new ground.

Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes.

The biggest mistake is not making mistakes. Because if you don’t make mistakes. You don’t learn. And your company doesn’t progress. Be sure to account for mistakes, and how to learn from them, in the change planning.

Give us a call at (310) 728-0389. We are the outsourced HRIS specialists who know how to handle change.

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How To Start Pivoting During Covid 1024 683 peepadmin

How To Start Pivoting During Covid

COVID and HR. It’s Time To Change Your Perspective.

The world has changed. Your company is changing. Your daily routine is familiar, but different. Look at the way you communicate now. You no longer have a meeting. You Zoom. So it only makes sense that your approach to HR will need a major revamp too.

Pivoting. It’s The New, New Norm.

Lots of companies are faced with the same challenges. It’s how to quickly react to them that makes the difference.

Your Human Resources Information System Needs To Pivot.

This is a big Pivot. It’s probably not what you put at the top of your pivot list. But you know that it’s going to come at you. Probably starting with payroll first. It’s going to put a real strain on your company. So be sure to account for HRIS with your pivot plan. And a good way to do that is with an outsourced HR consultant. The needs will be great at first, then taper off. No need for a full time pivot manager (hopefully.) Try the consultant route first.

Call us at (310) 728-0389. And feel the relief of outsourcing all those HR tasks to us.